HOLA, I’m Georgia!

I’m so grateful for you finding your way onto my website!

Lunar Wellness Co. was born out of the need for a fresh creative outlet in my life that would complement my full-time nutrition studies. The road to sitting where I am today, writing my first blog post has been anything but smooth. But I sit here today, so proud of my journey and excited for whats to come.

I’m going to rewind a few years, to where I found myself fresh out of high school, with no sense of who I was or where I fit in the world. I know that this feeling hits home to so many of you – we go through the ups and downs of high-school – the pressure is so high to have it all figured out so young. To pick the subjects that will help us get into the degree that will lead to the career that we’ll have for the rest of our lives – at least that’s how it’s made to feel.

I stepped into this post high-school world feeling lost as hell! I went down a path of self destruction, I had no love for myself or many of the people around me. The worry of wondering what my ‘life purpose’ was kept me up each and every night. I would lay awake at night visualising myself in every career that would flow through my brain. What I wanted to do with my life changed every day, I had no direction and no sense of self. I became so caught up in this feeling of being so lost, that its like I blinked and years had flown by. I had lost touch with my physical and mental wellbeing and I had absolutely no idea what it felt like to be truly happy.

I hit rock bottom – more than once. I was riddled with anxiety to the point of complete exhaustion. I made questionable life choices (heck – a lot of these…), I had let myself become surrounded by toxic environments and people - to the point I too had become a toxic person.

Somewhere along the way, something snapped in my brain and I knew something had to change. Something clicked with me – that instead of being so fixated on finding our ‘purpose’ and feeling like we should have our lives mapped out, we should instead be redirecting this energy internally. That first and foremost we should learn how to take care of ourselves. That instead of trying to SEEK purpose, we need to LIVE with purpose. To surround ourselves with positive people, positive environments and to BE the change we wish to see in our own lives. When I adopted this mindset, for the first time, I began to fall in love with my life.

The journey to where I am today has been a roller-coaster to say the least. But I sit here today with zero regrets, proud of the lessons I have learnt, of the person I am becoming and the person I want to be. I have learnt that when we focus our energy into becoming the best version of ourselves, everything else falls into place. I have in no way ‘mastered the way to a perfect life’. I still battle my demons. I have anxiety that comes in waves (much, much smaller than it used to) and I still have bad days.

We will always be faced with challenges, there is no magic cure to the ups and downs that life brings. But we can absolutely change our mindset, we can change how we deal with the challenges and we can turn each and every setback into an opportunity for personal growth.  

It was along this journey that I fell in love with all things food and nutrition. I 100% believe that what we choose to put in our mouths affects our body as a whole and I have become fascinated with the relationship between healthy food, healthy habits and a happy life.


My food philosophy:

Eat right for your MIND

What we choose to put into our mouths can have such a profound impact on our mental wellbeing. I am constantly trying to find foods that enhance my mental clarity and enhance brain function and focus. A diet high in processed foods and refined sugar wreak havoc on my mental wellbeing - I feel mentally cluttered and frazzled. 

Eat right for your BODY

Listening to YOUR OWN BODY when it comes to food is so crucial. Food and nutrition is not a one size fits all typed situation, but in my own personal experience you cannot go wrong with fresh, wholefoods made with a whole lotta love.

Eat right for your SOUL

While I am making the effort to jam pack as many vegetables onto my plate as possible. There comes a time when you need to put the kale the fuck back in the fridge and pick up a block of chocolate. Associating feelings of guilt and remorse with food only develops a toxic relationship with it. Food should be a source of joy, it should bring together the people you love and provide that soul fire happiness. 


The concept behind Lunar Wellness Co. is that much like the moon, we are constantly going through cycles of change. Each cycle is no more beautiful than the other, but when we become our brightest, happiest and truest selves we shine like nothing else. We are unstoppable forces of light.

My hope with Lunar Wellness Co. is to be able to share my journey, my experiences and my love affair with amazing food. I will always be real, honest and raw and I hope to inspire others to adopt healthy habits for a happier life. To let go of the expectation to have it all figured out and to enjoy the ride.

Im so excited for whats to come! 


G x

Lunar Wellness Co.